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How We Do?


It’s a myth that starving gives you weight loss accomplishment. In fact, the more you starve, the more stubborn your fat stores actually become! It is advisable not to starve at all, not because it doesn’t help you lose, but actually it is not sustainable or healthy.

To this weight loss conundrum, the answer is very simple and straight––– eat the right foods that improves your metabolism and keeps you full and satisfied the whole day. Losing weight now is simple, safe and effective without counting the calorie intake or eating tasteless food, follow the DNA Diet plan given by Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic and observe the change on your own.


Know How we Serve our Clients


Our whole process on how we do our service goes like––– At your first call or visit, you will be firstly introduced to one of the best Dieticians working on board of our clinic. Then you will be asked to fill in the registration form that includes all the crucial questions based on your habits, lifestyle, medical history, blood group, your weight and height.

Our motto is–– “Let your diet work for you.” And it happens the same way. Lose the pounds, feel great and be confident for your look-like. We will tell you how?

At Diet Clinic, we never go for the DNA diet plans directly. We first examine our client’s health history, the type of metabolism they have, DNA and their present lifestyle. Then we select the type of foods that seems fit to your lifestyle and should even keep you full and satisfied. Our Dieticians change up your meals in timely manner and promote a lifestyle that is overall active and healthy. So you can work for your weight loss without thinking much on feeling hungry.

It is said that our weight management depends on two factors that is–– Diet and Exercise. But there are people who feel lazy to do any type of exercise, so they cut on calories consumption. All you need to do is follow the directions and eat food suggested by your Dietician. Nothing would make you happier than seeing yourself in a good posture. You will be able to move forward everywhere and can be confident and proud.