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How DNA mutations occur and what can we possibly do about it? The answer is very simple and easy to implement than what you may think. Our diet can make an impressive difference in the rate DNA mutations occur and how our body deals with this frequent molecular event. Learn here what you need to be careful of and what you can do ensure a bulletproof cellular defense system. Our ultimate plan for the DNA diet will give you 100% health benefits. Dietitian Sheela Seharawat will give you the right suggestion about it. This diet is easy to follow and will give you tremendous health benefits. Experience it to believe it. We are sure you will take the right decision about your health.

What do we provide 
Obesity is a new epidemic sweeping though our nation. It robs us of good health and makes us ill with various illnesses from diabetes to heart disease. Being overweight robs you of self confidence and reduces the quality of your life. You are unable to enjoy life since any activity leaves you breathless.
If you are puzzled by how to drop your weight and gain back your health, Dietitian Sheela Sherawat founder of Diet Clinic can advice you on how to gain back your slimness. At Diet Clinic latest techniques and tools are used to help your weight loss.
Reduce your weight through healthy eating, learn what you have been doing wrong all these years and acquire the knowledge to eat a balanced diet for rest of your life to make you fit, strong and healthy. 
Various plans for every need 
To help you reduce weight we have put together several weight loss packages. These range from 7 day trial packages where you understand how we work to 90 and 180 day plans which completely change the way you look to 365 day plan which teaches you not only how to reduce your weight but how to keep it off forever with good nutrition habits we have helped you create.