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Weight Loss DNA Diets in Punjabi Bagh

Are you a weight loss seeker? Tried many diets? Feeling frustrated? There is no need to worry! If you are the resident in Punjabi Bagh or living nearby somewhere, weight loss is tremendously easy for you. At Weight Loss Centre, you will meet the top Dieticians who will help you find the right diet plan for you.

A DNA Diet is the only diet that is personalised on the basis of genetics. This DNA Diet Plan has proved to be very effective for people who suffer overweight and obesity.


Reason Why should adopt DNA Diet


Gaining weight can be the cause of eating too many calories and not doing much effort to lose it. Dietician Sheela Seharawat of Diet Clinic will help you in the formation of DNA Diet Chart according to your genes. Your genetic profile will let Dieticians know about what food combinations are suitable for weight loss and a healthy body.

At Diet Clinic in Punjabi Bagh, the team of professional dieticians are 24*7 ready to help their clients in understanding the diet plans and in any customization that takes place in mid of the DNA Diet Chart. The Weight Loss DNA Diet Plan devised are very effective and easy to follow. Try once and see the transformation in your body.

You can contact us online, telephonically or by visiting us during the office hours. If you have a dearth of time or you can’t visit our Diet Centre due to non-availability in your area, then you can take your telephonic diets at your home.

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Weight Loss DNA Diets in Punjabi Bagh

Weight Loss DNA Diets in Punjabi Bagh