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Tip Of The Day

Weight Loss Daily Tips
Eliminate sugar from your diet to have a flat stomach
Dieting is all about calorie deficit
Losing weight is literally a science. The theory is that you need to create a calorie deficit, which means you have to consume fewer calories than you need. No matter how many super healthy foods you eat and how many miles you walk, you will not lose weight if you do not have a calorie deficit.


1)Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Did you know that by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated?

Follow these top tips to stay hydrated and healthy.











2)Why is soup the BEST?

We investigate why we crave heartier food in the winter, why soup can satisfy cravings and how to make our favourite carrot and coriander soup!







3)Decadent Butternut Squash Risotto

This Butternut Squash Risotto recipe, provided by on of our nutritionists Katy, is perfect for a large group of hungry people this time of year!







4)Top Four Seasonal Foods to Include in Your Diet Plan

Here are the top four seasonal foods to include in your healthy diet plan this summer








5)Tips to lose weight during and post-menopause

Hormone changes throughout menopause make it increasingly common for menopausal and post-menopausal women to gain weight. We hope that these simple and easy to follow tips, will help manage these changes in your body





6)PCOS, weight gain and your diet

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health problem that can affect a woman's menstrual health, hormones, heart, blood vessels, fertility and weight.





chritsmas calaroies diet.jpg

7)Try not to drink your calories this Christmas

Christmas is always a difficult time to stick to your plan, so we are here to provide some delicious low calorie drink recipes.





Breakfast diet-min.jpg

8)Never Skip Breakfast

Researchers analyzed 19 studies on weight gain and found a relationship between skipping breakfast and piling on the pounds, so remember to eat within an hour of waking up to kick-start your metabolism.





Fad Diets.jpg

9)Avoid fad diets.

Fad diets often allow only a few types of food. That means you are not getting all the nutrients you need. And these diets may cause you to lose weight for a short time, but then you likely will gain it back quickly.




fast food.jpg

10)Limit fast food meals. 

Studies show that the more fast food you eat each week, the greater the risk of gaining extra weight. So try to limit fast food meals to once a week or less





why are you eat food-min.jpg

11)Think about why you are eating.

Sometimes we eat to fill needs other than hunger, such as being bored, stressed, or lonely. If you do that, see if you can think of some other ways to meet those needs. Consider calling a friend or listening to some great music. And if think you may be having emotional problems, talk to an adult you trust.




sleep at night-min.jpg

12)Get enough sleep at night.

Many teens stay up too late. Staying up late often increases night-time snacking and low energy the next morning (which you might be tempted to beat with some extra food).






13)Avoid sugary drinks.

Try not to drink a lot of sugary sodas, energy drinks, and sports drinks. They can add a lot of calories. (There are about 10 packets of sugar in 12 ounces of soda.) Also try not to drink a lot of fruit juice. Water is a great choice instead. Add a piece of lemon or a splash of juice for more flavor.







14)Eating healthily in your 40s

Many women in their 40's find time for themselves again, so follow our advice to improve your health and make sure you're getting the right nutrients






15)Diet tips for eating Greek

Looking for the best healthy eating tips when eating out at a Greek restaurant? Look no further..
The Greek Diet uses a traditional Mediterranean style of eating to help you effortlessly lose weight in a healthy way. It combines






16)Eating healthily in your 20s

Eating healthily may not be so high on your priorities, but we’ll tell you why it should be and how to do it
Nutrition in Your 20s
You're working your first real job, making new friends, dating, getting married, maybe even starting a family. Your life is a whirlwind, which means healthy eating is the first thing to go. To conquer your biggest diet dilemmas...





17)Too busy to fit exercise in your Diet Plan?

Wrong answer! We're not taking that excuse any longer Jane Planners. Try these time saving tips to get active and help your weight loss goals!




sodium and cholesterol-min.jpg

18) Nutmeg

Nutmeg is low in sodium and cholesterol and high in fiber and manganese, which is a catalyst for breaking down fats and cholesterol—an important process for weight loss, Langston says. Just be sure to use it in small doses, as larger amounts (full cloves) could be toxic.




Ginger Root-min.jpg

19) Ginger Root

Daily consumption of ginger may reduce muscle pain caused by exercise by as much as 25 percent, according to a September 2010 study published in the Journal of Pain. Less muscle pain = more workouts! Try adding fresh ginger into stir-fry dishes, soups, or smoothies. Bajenaru recommends storing peeled ginger in the freezer to keep it fresh.






20) Garlic 

Garlic contains the compound allicin, which has anti-bacterial effects and helps reduce unhealthy fats and cholesterol






21) Coriander

This herb is a natural diuretic (which helps reduce water retention) that improves digestion and helps the body get rid of waste products, which is essential for weight loss







22) Diet

Our body is greatly influenced by what we eat. Eating healthy foods provides us with nutrients that keep us full all day, preventing food cravings. Here are some simple diet tips that can help you get a slim and trim body




fruit juice-min.jpg

23) Say no to fruit juice

Main nutrition in a fruit is in it’s fiber. Juice is a fruit or vegetable without fiber. After processing they are high in sugar, which can negate your weight loss process. Healthier option will be consuming the whole fruit instead.





Whole Grains-min.jpg

24) Whole grains

Our body burns twice as many calories breaking down whole foods than processed foods. The fiber in whole grain foods is linked not only to weight loss, but it can also reduce the belly and blood vessel inflammation that promotes the risk of heart diseases.





Cucumber diet-min.jpg

25) Cucumbers

Cucumber is an excellent low calorie food. It contains 95% water, which flushes out the toxins and waste from our system. Being a fiber rich food, cucumber fills you up controlling irregular hunger pangs.






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Tip Of The Day

Tip Of The Day