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DNA Diet for Men & Women in Punjabi Bagh

There are numerous factors that affect an individual’s various norms like overall health and wellness that includes nutrition, exercise, body weight and predispositions to a number of health conditions. But women are slightly different from men in health terms. As women face various additional health circumstances and challenges like menopause, pregnancy and other gynaecological conditions.


Insight to the Men and Women DNA


In order to achieve an optimal health and wellness, it is very important for women to know about how her genetic profile may be affecting how her body responds to various foods, diets, exercise regimen, energy utilisation and nutrients intake. Diet Clinic has approved and customised DNA Diet Plan for Women in Punjabi Bagh in order to make them attain a good healthy body with correct weight measures. And not just women, we also provide DNA Diet Plan for Men, through which they can know about their genes type, suitable food combinations, and a proper exercise regimen. DNA helps people in knowing what is best for them to achieve a good health and wellness.

DNA Diet Plan for Women in Punjabi Bagh as well as DNA Diets Plans for Men in Punjabi Bagh are exclusively devised by one of the top Dietician Sheela Seharawat. Our experts first keep client’s body under observation and then provide DNA Diet Plan for Men/ Women accordingly. Dieticians and Nutritionist also give some golden tips on health that may help you in longer time period.

Your DNA will empower Dieticians with valuable information about your body that will help you in managing and losing weight.

Meet our top Dieticians here at Diet Clinic in Punjabi Bagh and know your suitable diet plan.

DNA Diet for Men & Women in Punjabi Bagh

DNA Diet Plans for Men in Punjabi Bagh